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What Are the Top Law School’s LLM Programs?

If you are looking forward to making a career in law, you have to complete LLM at a prestigious Law School. How do you decide which law school is good enough for you, and/ or which one will consider you good enough for them?

According to the US News, the top Law Schools who have kept their ground, each at their respective levels, have more or less remained the same. About 20-25 Law Schools normally occupy the elite-level ranks, and these have remained the same for a very long time. The following Law Colleges have been ascertained to be the best in the USA. However, it is possible that other lists will rank these schools differently. The list below projects top schools according to popularity:

  1. Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut) – Yale University is among top Ivy-Schools in the world. Full time enrollment number is 615 and tuition and fees is $53,600 per year. The School offers four degree programs:
  1. JD program          – 3 years course study
  2. LLM program – 1 year for candidates interested to teach law
  3. JSD program – offered for LLM graduates
  4. MSL program – 1 year for specialization of law experts in various law fields


  1. Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts) – one of the most popular and vied for universities in the world, Harvard University receives students from over 70 countries. There are approximately 2000 law students attending every year. The tuition fees if $50,880 and the enrollment per year is 1,727. The following programs are offered:
  1. JD program – 3 years course that sets the foundation for law students
  2. LLM program – 1 year for expanding expertise level and understanding of the law
  3. SJD – for students who want to pursue a career in law


  1. Stanford University (Stanford, California) – this one other hot favorite Ivy League School that attracts enrollment from all over the world. The tuition fee at Stanford is $50,802 per year and the enrollment number is 575. The following programs are offered:
  1. JD program – 3 years course that sets the foundation for law students
  2. LLM program – Stanford offers THREE masters degrees of 1 year duration
  3. JSD – for foreign students with law degrees earned outside the USA


  1. Columbia University (New York) – well known within the country and overseas, Columbia University attracts thousands of applications every year. Yearly students from more than 50 countries enroll for the LLM program. The tuition fee charged per year is $55,488. They offer the following courses:
  1. JD program – 3 years of course study
  2. LLM program – 1 year for specialization in any preferred field of the law
  3. JSD Program – from students who completed successfully the recommended program of study and research.

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