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How to Properly Make a Claim for a Whiplash Injury in a Vehicular Accident

Whiplash is a common injury in car accidents – it comes from the sudden back and forth motion of the car (and your body) whilst your head and neck are flexed too much. Frontal impacts and especially getting rear-ended are common causes for a whiplash injury, although many whiplashes happen from side collisions as well. Having it happen to you is one thing, but being able to claim compensation is another. Here are some extremely useful tips on claiming compensation for a whiplash injury from a vehicular accident:

Report the accident

First things first: you have to report the accident immediately. The fact that the accident took place should be verified immediately, without delay, to the proper authorities. This report will serve you well later – you have a direct link, a direct cause, for your discomfort and will be able to prove later on that any injury you have has stemmed from the accident. Do not wait – report the accident as soon as possible, even if you are afraid of the legal ramifications. Remember that the law is there for a reason. Without a proper police report or the ability to prove that the accident happened, there’s simply no basis for whiplash compensation.

Seek medical attention immediately

Once you have been able to ensure proof of the accident, seek proof of the whiplash injury. Don’t wait – don’t see a doctor a week after the accident, because during that week a lot of things could happen and it would be hard to link your neck discomfort to the incident with the vehicle. Instead, go to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible.

Even if you don’t have symptoms of whiplash immediately after the accident, go see a medical professional anyway. Often, the symptoms don’t appear until a day or two later, because the victim is so caught up with the present and infused with adrenaline that the true extent of the bodily damage is only felt after a while. Doctors will see things quicker and more reliably than you. Have a diagnosis and have that diagnosis written in official documents. Prove your injury.

File your claim soon

Don’t wait to file a claim for compensation for a week, or even for a day – as soon as the accident has been reported and your doctor has diagnosed a whiplash injury, act. Here’s a common issue many insurance companies have with car – or any kind of – accidents: the victim waits to claim because they hope their situation will get better and they don’t want to bother too many people. But that’s a wrong way of thinking. Notify the insurance company as soon as possible, because insurance companies always wonder about the legality and veracity of the claim if a certain amount of time has passed. Don’t wait – claim right away.

Do some accounting

Keep track of your medical expenses – and this includes visits to doctors, visits to hospitals, medication – as well as other expenses related to your injuries (such as out-of-the-way transportation costs, loss of income, and other incidentals related to you seeking the proper medical treatment). All these expenses should be reimbursed, but the insurance company will require proof of expenses (or loss of income) as a direct result of the accident and the sustained injury. Be meticulous in your bookkeeping.

Whiplash is a common injury in vehicular accidents, and should it sadly happen to you, don’t panic. Be systematic and follow the protocol. Your chances of claiming compensation for your whiplash injury are dramatically increased by making sure there is sufficient documentation. And when it comes to filing any type of claim – whether it’s a whiplash injury claim, a car accident injury claim, a bicycle accident claim, an accident at work claim, or more, you should make sure to get the right expert assistance you need.

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